Student Leadership

The Our Lady's Foundation to Year 6 leadership model is based on service that has been inspired by the Sisters of St Joseph and the charism of St Mary MacKillop of the Cross. It is best encapsulated by this quote from St Mary of the Cross: 
'Never see a need without trying to do something about it' 

At the heart of our learning and teaching process is the child and how he or she may come into the fullness of their own unique self. Founded on the charism of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the Sisters of St Joseph, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, St Eugene de Mazenod and our School's Gospel Values underpin all that we do:

Peace: We provide solace, unity and love in our community
Compassion: We seek to understand the needs of others and are willing to help them
Justice: We treat everyone fairly, recognising that equal rights may look differently for each individual
Respect: We value the sacredness and dignity of each person
Service: We strive to never see a need without doing something about it
Courage: We grow spirit and valour to stand up for what is right.

Foundation to Year 6 Student Leadership at Our Lady's is based on the belief that:

  • leadership is the living out of the Catholic Social Justice principles
  • living out God's message of hope empowers and enables oneself and others
  • all students have a voice and leadership qualities that can be nurtured and developed
  • both learning and leadership are both developmental lifelong processes
  • developing leadership skills early will allow students to become more deeply involved and connected to all aspects of all school life
  • providing a wide variety of leadership opportunities across Foundation to 6 will cater for and explore children's interests as well as the school's needs and maximise its benefits.

By nurturing a Foundation to 6 Leadership Program, we aim to raise the students' awareness of the needs of others, particularly in the wider community, and develop their attitude of empathy and compassion. Research states that an awareness of this begins at a very early age, and in fact, it is wonderful to see many of our students across the school, already involved in helping others, including assisting staff in so many ways as well as fund raising for the wider community, simply because they want to make a difference.

Strong leadership can be demonstrated through selfless actions and without the need of a title or the wearing of a badge. Consequently, we seek to foster a leadership culture within all students and provide them with both the support and opportunities to experience and develop their leadership skills and potential. In this way, students will recognise that leadership is a transformational, ongoing learning process which is developed through attitude, disposition, behaviour, education and experience.

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