Student Wellbeing

“A positive sense of wellbeing supports a base for rich learning that enables young people to flourish” CEM: Horizons of Hope: Wellbeing Statement, 2017, p. 3.


At Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Parish Primary School, we believe that “wellbeing is critical to children and young people’s learning and life outcomes. It is embedded in all facets of life within a Catholic school community and is lived everyday as a reflection of the Christian faith” (CEM: eXcel, 2018, p. 6). 


Our vision states that ‘In a spirit of unity and harmony, we strive to develop the whole person; providing an excellent education for all and inspiring our community members to live a Christian way of life’. Social and emotional skills enhance academic development and positive wellbeing is fundamental to successful learning. Wellbeing in our school incorporates all aspects of the whole person -  the physical, intellectual, moral, social, emotional and spiritual.

“Wellbeing is both practice and perception; action and awareness. It is a state of being well in body, mind and spirit...a sense of purpose of meaning and meaning, enlivens what matters in our lives” (CEM: Horizons of Hope: Wellbeing Statement, 2017, p. 2).  In partnership, we collaborate with parents, families and the community to develop a positive sense of wellbeing in each one of our students so they can work productively to realise their unique potential, flourish and contribute to the wider community and society (Australian Wellbeing Framework). We aim for students at Our Lady’s to be happy, healthy and successful in all that they do.

At Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Primary School, we aim to continually live out our school values. In Faith and Love, we are people  of Justice, Respect, Courage, Peace, Service and Compassion.  These values are embodied through our Vision and we encourage all members of Our Lady’s school community to model these values in all that they do. We believe this contributes to a safe, supportive, positive and inclusive learning environment in which all students and their needs are valued.


At Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception we aim to:

  • Enable safe and respectful school communities
  • Connect children, families and staff through collaborative caring relationships
  • Engage students through experiences that motivate, empower and inspire
  • Nurture the explicit teaching and learning experiences that support wellbeing 

The Wellbeing Program aims to:

  • To promote a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus and to carry out His love and mission knowing that each individual is unique and loved unconditionally by God.
  • For our students to feel a deep sense of belonging and connectedness to their families, peers, school, Parish and the community.   
  • For students, staff and families to embody our School Vision and Values. 
  • To create a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment in which the skills of resilience, problem-solving and conflict resolution are explicitly taught and practiced.
  • For our students to become increasingly pro-active by owning, regulating and managing their behaviour.
  • For our students to make appropriate choices, solve situations of conflict when they arise and understand that there are consequences for their actions.
  • To provide for rich, authentic and engaging learning  experiences, inspiring students to flourish and realise their full potential.
  • For students to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with others.
  • To develop students’ self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-confidence.
  • For the students to develop positive relationships with peers, teachers, families and the wider community.
  • To promote student awareness and understanding of the elements of physical, intellectual, moral, social, emotional and spiritual elements of wellbeing.
  • To develop partnerships with communities on a local, national and global level.

The explicit teaching of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) as part of the Wellbeing strategy of the school is focused around the five core competencies: Responsible decision making, Relationship skills, Social awareness, Self management and Self awareness.

The General Capabilities of the Victorian Curriculum (Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Responsibility, Ethical Understanding and Intercultural Understanding) also provide a framework and resource for teachers to draw on when planning for teaching in Social and Emotional Learning and Wellbeing. 

At Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Primary School, we implement specialised strategies, taken from the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) to promote positive relationships and address student needs for healing, personal growth and achievement. The use of Brain Breaks to escalate and de-escalate students are implemented across the day as needed.


The programs used at Our Lady's to teach SEL include:

  • Resilience, Rights, Respectful Relationship (RRRR) program,
  • Zones of Regulation
  • You Can Do It! program,
  • Bounce Back! 

Positive wellbeing permeates across all curriculum areas as foundational pillars.  Classroom teachers will also allocate at least one teaching session per week for the explicit teaching of SEL, (which may include the Circle Time strategy. 


At Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Primary School, we value the partnership between parents, teachers and the student and believe that the Catholic school community should be a safe and supportive school environment, where we “ to instil in students the values and knowledge to act as compassionate, contributing, life-giving members of society...and make a difference to society by living the Gospel in their daily lives” (CEM: Horizons of Hope: Wellbeing Statement, 2017, p. 9).


The connection between a student’s wellbeing and positive learning outcomes  is well evidenced. Working together, parents, teachers and the student can create a sound basis for developing healthy relationships, optimal learning outcomes, engagement and success in life. At Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Primary School, SeeSaw is used as a schoolwide digital portfolio and communication platform. It is utilised on a regular basis by teachers and students to further connect, engage and enable parents to be linked to their child’s learning. 

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