Day For Daniel

Today, Friday 28th October is Day for Daniel, which is Australia’s largest child safety      education and awareness day. This national day of action advocates for safer communities for children and empowering them to Recognise, React and Report when they feel unsafe.

Thank-you for your support wear students were able to wear a touch of red. Why do we wear red? People are asked to wear red on Day for Daniel in remembrance of Daniel Morcombe. Daniel was wearing a red t-shirt on 7 December 2003 when he found himself in an unsafe situation. Wearing red links Daniel’s very real story to the importance of safety education. It provides a message of strength and hope that together we can make the world safer for all children as a legacy to Daniel and his family. For the past couple of weeks, as part of our curriculum, all classes have been learning about being safe and what we can do whenever we feel unsafe.