At Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Parish Primary School, we believe that the students should be involved in learning experiences that deepen their understanding of a curriculum which explores life, culture and the wider world. These experiences should be meaningful, relevant and actively involve the student in the learning process. Camps and excursions at our school aim to develop the whole child, through opportunities to participate in a variety of educational, social, physical and spiritual experiences.


The Camp and School Excursion Program aims to provide opportunities that develop the children’s confidence, resilience, leadership, responsibility, independence and sense of community within the context of our school’s vision statement and values.


The program builds on experiences outside normal school hours to the children attending a two night camp.


The main features of the program are as follows:

Foundation: A BBQ for parents and children starting after 5.30
Grades One and Two: Activities and games after school until 5.00pm
Grades Three and Four: Games and activities until 7.00pm
Grade Five: A one night at a venue away from school
Grade Six: A two night camp at a venue away from school

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