Grade 5 Pelican Excursion

The children in grade 5C and 5D had the opportunity to attend a Marine based excursion on Port Phillip Bay. Marine education and teaching was led by Harry Breidahl (author and former lecturer at Monash University), with support from a range of diverse marine educators and school staff.

Educational purpose of the program:
This excursion was designed to build cohesion and leadership skills between the grade 5 cohort. The idea is to introduce them to Port Phillip Bay as a context for sustainability, collaboration, learning and action.
The activities include observing the diverse life of Port Phillip including shorebirds and seabirds, marine flora and fauna, identifying human impact and planning for collaboration. The activities are designed to build rapport between the students throughout the day and to enable a collaborative working relationship to be established.
It is to be the foundation for ongoing direct experience of waterways as places to care about and take action for.

Adventure activities to be undertaken or that maybe offered to students throughout the program:

On boat education including marine touch tank, discussion around marine population and human impact, and group building activities.