As of 2019 Our Lady’s school will be using SeeSaw as a digital learning journal. SeeSaw is a digital-portfolio that documents what children are learning at school. It also supports children in developing contemporary 21st Century skills, such as communication, collaboration and digital literacy. Both students and teachers will be using a school iPad and Chromebooks to document learning when using this app.

As a result, the Learning Journals and Student Portfolios that we have been using at our school will be replaced with SeeSaw. SeeSaw will also replace the class sites.

It is our aim to promote effective communication between home and school throughout the year. Being connected to SeeSaw will allow us to achieve effective communication on many levels.  Via SeeSaw, we will post work samples of your child’s work, newsletter links and may send reminders of classroom and/or school events. At the end of the year, you will be able to download your child’s digital portfolio to your computer, providing a memorable keepsake.

The appropriate process to communicate any correspondence, questions or messages with your child’s teacher is via their email or in person, and not via SeeSaw.

Who can access your child's portfolio?

Your child's information is stored on their individual digital portfolio and it can only be accessed at the school level by the child and the teachers at Our Lady’s School. Each parent/ carer has a unique password that allows them to view their child’s folder.

Photos posted of groups of students can be viewed by parents/carers who have access to SeeSaw to the child’s class. No other parent/student can view another child's folder. All information remains private and is not published for public viewing.

Information about Data Storage & Privacy

Data is stored by SeeSaw for its use and access through the SeeSaw App. Data constitutes student name, class, work samples and/or videos/ photos with work samples. SeeSaw has a comprehensive security and privacy system, settings and policy. Information on SeeSaw's privacy policy and storage of information can be found on the SeeSaw website


The purpose of being connected via a SeeSaw account is to provide you with evidence of your child’s learning across different areas of the curriculum. Your SeeSaw Digital Portfolio also provides you with an opportunity to ‘like’ your child’s work and provide comments to share and celebrate your child’s work with praise and recognition.

As parents, it is important that you support this process. We ask for your contributions in the following ways:

  • Be connected to your account and view your child’s/child’s teacher’s posts weekly
  • Sit down with your child to look at the latest posts/entries, discussing and praising your child’s efforts as you view his/her work
  • ‘Like’ your child’s work allowing your child to see that you have viewed their work
  • Write/Post positive comments to your child about his/her work.

In addition, your child’s SeeSaw account allows you to continually be connected to your child’s learning providing opportunities for further discussion at home about your child’s learning. Teachers may also send reminders of classroom and/or school events.

Reporting System

At Our Lady’s we value our partnership with all parents and promote ongoing communication about your child's learning. 

The Reporting System at Our Lady’s consists of three components:

  1. SeeSaw app providing evidence of learning;
  2. Three Way Learning Conversations; and
  3. The Written Reports.

SeeSaw is one component of the reporting system which communicates evidence of your child's learning journey throughout the year. This together with the more formal Written Reports and the Three Way Learning Conversations forms the Our Lady's Reporting System.