Italian Week

As a part of our Italian Language Program Ms D’Amico has organised the following activities to deepen the children’s knowledge of Italy and the Italian culture:

 All year levels will participate in an Italian Dance Workshop on Wednesday 7 or Thursday 8 June in the Hall.

 On Wednesday 6 June children are invited to wear the colours of the Italian flag to school (green, white and red). If not dressed in the Italian flag colours, students are to be in normal sport uniform.

 On Tuesday 5 June each child will receive a slice of Margherita pizza and on Wednesday 6 June each child will receive a Everest Lemon Sorbet 100ml Dixie Cup in their classroom. 

 All children can enter a Colouring-In Competition and Art and Craft at lunchtime in the Hall.

 Children in Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 don’t forget to the Italian Quiz on Kahootz.

The children will have the opportunity to learn an Italian Dance in the Hall at lunchtime on Wednesday.