Learning Walks

The Learning Walks provide the parent community with an opportunity to learn about how their child learns in a particular area of the curriculum. The parents of 1K viewed a Learning Walk focused on Writing and the parents of 1L viewed a Learning Walk focussed on Mathematics. The parents firstly attended a tuning in session which provided some background knowledge. They then went to the classroom and viewed the lesson after which they participated in a debriefing session where they asked further questions and clarified any aspect of what they had just viewed.


Christine Carabott (Deputy Principal/Student Wellbeing Leader, who led this initiative), Karen Everson (Classroom teacher 1K) and Jennifer Howe (Classroom teacher 1L) organised the Learning Walks as part of an initiative to increase parent voice and participation in the Our Lady’s School curriculum. This initiative relates directly to our School Improvement Goal which aims to increase parent voice in the school, deepen parent engagement with their child’s learning and create a stronger connection between school and the parent community.


We have been absolutely delighted by the parent response and participation. I have had nothing but positive parent feedback about the Learning Walks. We will be holding further Learning Walks throughout the year across different year levels.


A big thank you to both the staff who organised the Learning Walks and the parents who participated.

This is a great way to strengthen the link between parents and their children’s learning.