Health and Physical Education

At Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Parish Primary School, we believe that through the Health and Physical Education program, we empower our students to enhance their own physical, social and emotional well being. Through our holistic learning and teaching approach, our students are encouraged to contribute to building healthy, safe and active communities. We develop in our students an understanding of the skills necessary for effective decision making about their own health, safety and wellbeing.


Learners develop and grow in their core skills and knowledge and are inspired by a love for learning throughout their lives. (Horizons of Hope- Curriculum pg. 4)


The Health and Physical Education Program aims to develop in the students:

  • The concept of fair play and the importance of being an active team player.
  • An understanding that health has physical, social and emotional dimensions.
  • An understanding of the factors that impact directly and indirectly on the health and safety of individuals, families, groups and communities.
  • Knowledge and skills that promote lifelong participation in physical activity, fitness and the safety and health of individuals and groups.
  • An understanding of how food selection and nutrition has an impact on our health, growth and development.

The Health program is implemented in the classrooms through an integrated approach to the Victorian Curriculum.
The Physical Education Program is implemented by a specialist teacher and supported by other teaching staff. 
All students participate in a Morning Movement Program which consists of daily physical activities which promote an energetic start to the learning day.
Students are encouraged to bring healthy snacks (Brain Food) which they can consume in the middle of our morning learning session.

Through the Life Education Program our students are immersed in a range of programs including:

  • Drug Education and Making Choices
  • Body Systems
  • Relationships
  • Personal Safety (safe and unsafe medicines)

Community groups are engaged to run clinics in a range of different sports, as they promote physical activity: the Western Bulldogs (AFL), SEDA, Melbourne Victory (soccer), Vixens (netball) and Club Italia (football).

Students participate in an annual Our Lady’s Athletics Day and also a Team Colours Day.
An annual intensive swimming program is available for all students.
Students are offered opportunities to participate in Interschool sports, Cross Country and Athletics competitions.
Students have access to sporting equipment during breaks.
Students have the opportunity to participate in organised sporting activities during some break times.


We believe that students learn best when there is a close partnership between family, school and the student.
Families are invited to attend and support their children in sporting endeavours and carnivals.