We value our connection to the Parish community.


Each month we invite  Parishioners to join us in the Father John Maher Auditorium for the Parish Movie day. The Student Hospitality Team greet the parishioners in the Office at 12:15. The movie begins at 12:30.


While the parishioners are enjoying the movie the Year 5 and 6 cooking group will be cooking a delicious afternoon tea which they will serve to the parishioners after the movie, downstairs in the St Mary MacKillop Library. The program is run by Mrs Toni Balbata who has great skill and passion for cooking. She runs the Cooking program in the wonderful school kitchen that  is fully equipped with everything they need to learn to cook. the children read a recipe, select ingredients  and follow the method. We have wonderful support from our parents who guide the children in small groups. The aim of the program is to provide the children with real opportunities to prepare food for others. By doing this they are living out the Our Lady's school value of Service.


Movie days are very special at Our Lady's. After our Parishioners have enjoyed a movie in the Auditorium, our students serve an afternoon tea which they have prepared earlier. We welcome all parishioners and parents to come and join our monthly get together.i


Upcoming Parish Movie dates are:

Friday March 9th

Friday April 20th
Friday May 11th
Friday June 8th
Friday August 10th
Friday September 14th
Friday October 12th
Friday November 9th
Friday December 14th


For more information on an upcoming Parish Movie Day at Our Lady's School, please contact the school office on 9312 2230.


Please visit this site, for more Parish information, including mass times.

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