Welcome to Country

We began this week with a focus on engaging our parent community and connecting with the rich First Nations culture from which we have so much to learn from. I hope this will help to develop in our students a greater understanding of our First Nations people which spurs them on to want to find out more about their rich cultural heritage.

It was wonderful to see so many parents taking up the offer to enjoy a coffee from Phil’s coffee van and enjoy the opportunity to have a chat with each other. We appreciated the fact that most of the parents stayed and joined the staff and students in the Welcome to Country Smoking Ceremony. It was a joy to see students, parents and staff come together.

Aunty Joy, a Wurundjeri elder officiated The Welcome to Country Smoking Ceremony which can only be performed by an elder and in this case because our school is situated on traditional Wurundjeri land we had a Wurundjeri elder officiating the ceremony. I am very honoured to have had Aunty Joy visit, thereby providing our school community with the opportunity to witness and participate in an indigenous custom that dates back thousands of years. Thank you to Kriss Oliver our RE / Learning and Teaching Leader for organising Aunty Joy to come to our school. Congratulations to all the students of Our Lady’s school for the very respectful way you all participated in the ceremony. Aunty Joy was very impressed by your behaviour and said that you were wonderful. If you would like to view the Smoking Ceremony please click on the link below.

Smoking Ceremony Link: https://youtube.com/live/Ma5ZRQJYR-I?feature=share

Photos of the Smoking Ceremony and our Parent Coffee Morning can be seen here.