Important Information for all Parents

Coming Onsite Before and After School

I have met with the Leadership team to review our current practice in relation to parents coming onsite in the school grounds before and after school. The decisions we have made are based on the latest Schools Operations Guidelines (29 April 2021) and in particular the following 2 criteria:

  1. The school is required to maintain the density limit of 1 person per 2 square metres which is applied in relation to classrooms.
  2. The next criteria is that schools must keep a record of anyone who is on site for 15 minutes or more.

Beginning on Monday May 10 2021 parents will be able to come onsite before and after school, in the schoolyard only. You will still be expected to maintain social distancing and all other COVID safe practices.

We ask that you leave promptly as we are required to keep a record of anyone who remains 15 minutes or longer. Also as you know we close the school gates at 8:45am sharp and therefore we ask all parents to make sure they exit the school by then. Staff on gate duty have classes and meetings to attend to and need to leave their gate duty on time.

Parents may make an appointment if they wish to speak to a classroom teacher. Before school appointments must be made early, no appointments to be made after 8:20am. You may also make appointments straight after school.

We thank all parents for their understanding in this sensitive matter, and I would like to highlight the positive aspects that the quick ‘drop off’ in the morning has produced. We have seen that our students have developed greater independence and there has been an increase in learning time, as teachers have been able to begin their classes right on time, thus preserving very precious learning time. As parents of our school community we always want you to feel welcomed and valued. It has been a difficult balancing act and we have appreciated your support throughout.