Road Safety

I am reminding all parents to please support the staff in making sure that the children are safe during drop off and pick up times, before and after school. As you are well aware it is during these times that there is much traffic around the school. We MUST ALL work to ensure that our children are safe. I ask for your collaboration on this important matter. Please do not park in the designated drop off zone in Victoria Street just beside the double gates. Ensure that at all times you follow the law. Never stop in the middle of the road and tell your child to get in/out and do not double park or park in front of anyone’s driveway. These actions completely compromise your child’s safety and are against the law. Show patience towards other drivers. We need to be respectful and mindful of our neighbours and the residents that live close to our school.

I thank all parents who collaborate and make sure that at all times they are supporting Our Lady’s School by following the road rules and making sure that not only their child but that all children are safe at all times.