School Drop Off and Pick Up Times - Making it Safe

At the beginning of this year we increased the number of staff on duty during after school pick up time. The staff were there to ensure that the traffic flowed smoothly during our very busy pick up time after school. I would like to thank all the many parents who have collaborated with the Our Lady’s school staff to make sure that we create a safer environment for our children. We would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation. We understand that it can be a very busy time for parents, particularly if you are picking children up from more than one school however we can NEVER compromise children’s safety under any circumstance.


The staff have noticed a marked improvement and greater cooperation amongst parents, staff and the children themselves. I ask you to keep doing the right thing so that together we can ensure the safety of all our children.

I have included a map of streets around the school where you can park. This problem will not go away but I believe that by following the road laws and working patiently together we have minimised the risk of an accident happening. Keep up the great work!